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Jordan Williams, CA

Ms Wimberley met with Jordan andwithin 3 months, Jordan had fast paced to understanding the steps to help him understand how to learn techniques of understanding how to read.  Within Jordan’s first six months of tutoring, Jordan became a “B” average student by just following the techniques that Ms Wimberley gave him.

April Lewis, CA

 Victoria tutored me a few years ago. She was fantastic to work with and a very patient  person.
She took her time with me and found different techniques to help me learn the material.


Lamar's Mom, CA

FPNC supported Lamar in  English 3 years. Now he is a 5th-6thth grader student and a reading presenter now.  “Lamar hated reading,  now  he is a full blown reader and proudly speaking in front of classmates.   Lamar especially enjoyed reading “Steph Curry – Never Give Up” and he never did.” 
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