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Our Story

Victoria Wimberley

“First Page New Chapter Tutoring was formed in September of 1997 providing services to at-risk children, youth, young and mature adults. FPNC is dedicated and has been dedicated to helping to provide guidance, monitoring and assistance of individuals (5 to 50 years of age) in the achievement of leadership skills, education, economic, community, regional awareness, health and social equality”

Our program is structured to expose youth and young adults to success by providing services, guidance and a foundation for academic improvement and achievement; leadership skills; time management; self-esteem, pride and confidence development; enrichment activities and career considerations with professional mentors.

Since September 2013, FPNC has partnered with numerous educational programs and to-date assisted numerous families of color for grades Kindergarten–12, college students and adults. Math and English (English Comprehension) the primary subjects has assisted student academia GPA averages by 25-55%. This has allowed many students to understand that learning is easy and can be fun, and choices in career and life are endless.

All services offered adhere to California Standard Core guidelines and includes tutors supporting Individualized Education Program (IEP) and Spanish speaking students.


FPNC believes the continuum of life includes economic and community empowerment; social conscious awareness and many learned devoted activities that increases the desire to grow. FPNC is committed to educate, and provide civic and community awareness demonstrating to participants the keys that lead to great lifelong fulfillment is just a matter of a First Page New Chapter away.

Meet The Team

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